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Sustainable Construction & Flexible Management (SC&FM) is a workshop based conference which puts special emphasis on exchange of ideas amongst scientists wanting to present and consult their work with people of similar interests.

We are part of The Association of European
Operational Research Societies.



Our groups site: https://www.euro-online.org/web/ewg/32/ewg-orsdce-euro-working-group-on-or-in-sustainable-development-and-civil-engineering



We operate in Institute of Structural Engineering,
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
at Poznan University of Technology.


Conference originates from German – Lithuanian – Polish Partnership, which Poznan University of Technology is a member of. Partnership has longlasting tradition with over 30 year history and 15 conferences.

With a tribute to our common history, basing on our experience, we have established SC&FM to help scientists with gathering their brain trust in order to speed up their work in progress. We encourage our participants to open minded discussion on actual issuses of construction industry not limited to lecutre sessions, but expanded to contiuous exchange of views, also during extracurricular activities.